Moving to New Zealand?


What does a move to New Zealand involve?


You may not have done this before, but we sure have. You can have an amazing career.


If you are looking to get out of the rat race and enjoy the fantastic work life balance that Kiwis embrace by relocating to New Zealand permanently or on a Work or Working Holiday Visa (WHV), SVR Power can assist and help make this a reality.


Apart from a massive lift in your quality of life, you will live in a Country where you will spend more time at home with the family in more space and with better weather.


All of which allows you to live the outdoors (Kiwi) dream.


Auckland is ranked as the city with the third best quality of life in the world, Wellington 12th and  Christchurch probably better.


Yet with New Zealand ranked as the third happiest country in the world, yet we rank as low as 58th on the cost of living index.


It's no secret - New Zealand is a beautiful place. As well as breath-taking scenery, they  have great people and a great culture, so it's no wonder that it's consistently ranked as one of the best places to live and work in the world.


SVR Power have a number of partners that can assist with everything from Immigration advice to relocation of pets and can work with you to make your move here simple and stress free.